Hildetraud Mathis



Hildetraud Mathis was born in Dornbirn/Austria. She graduated from the School for Economic Women Professions in Bregenz-Marienberg. She received training as a merchant and joined her family’s textile business, which she led for several years. While studying in the evening program at the Gymnasium in Feldkirch and Innsbruck, she started her 30-year career at the ORF Radio in Dornbirn. For twenty years she was part of the folk music department organizing events and curating radio shows. For the final 10 years she built and led the customer relationship program within the marketing department. Mrs. Mathis currently studies art history at the University of Innsbruck and was active as a board member of Arpeggione, the Municipal Chamber Orchestra in Hohenems and she serves as the secretary of protalentum and organizing house concerts to promote young music talents.

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