The associates of BOA came to the decision to create short term Master Classes and participate in pre-programmed concerts for musicians of all ages. Two programs have been arranged for Iranian musicians for the Fall of 2016. One is Cooperation of Iranian Youth for Youth Orchestra of Dornbin and the second is a Master Class in the Vorarlberg Conservatory.

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The Public Conservatory of Vorarlberg is one of the most reputable establishments in Austria under the Direction of Mr. Jorg Maria Ortwein. For the Fall of 2016 many renowned musicians for violin, viola, flute and clarinet are invited to participate in these short term master classes. These Master classes are appropriate for students who desire to work on a particular repertoire focusing on technical specifics or familiarity with one specific time period in music. In these master classes there is a great deal of attention given to detail and will assist students with their musicianship or their repertoire from a new angle and in a more comprehensive way. This encounter with renowned world class musicians and their teaching methods will be greatly beneficial to young musicians to have a clear vision for their future artistic goals and in reaching their highest technical potential. This encounter with the difficulties and challenges of young musicians and the methods to help correct those technical difficulties and many other challenges will help them greatly in keeping up with the most up to date teaching methods.

The 2016 Fall term has already been programmed this Spring.   To bring Iranian and foreign musicians together and to bring about a higher standard, the BOA decided upon specially chosen young Iranian musicians to play in a collaborative performance. Change happens at a younger age, and in order to step into the right learning curb with a stronger foundation, we give more attention to our Iranian youth. With thoughtful research and conferencing with others, we have chosen the Youth Orchestra of Dornbirn for their quality and experience in this collaborative work.

These Iranian musicians have been chosen for their high standard of musicianship. They attended 3 auditions resulting in 5 people being chosen among many participants. We hope this term will open many doors for their future professional music career.   The 28th of September is the beginning of the rehearsals in Tehran under the direction of professionals who has been approved by BOA.

This orchestra will have a condensed one week rehearsal under the direction of Mr. Ivo Warenitch in Dornbirn Conservatory before their performance. The location of their rehearsals will be in Bizau in Gebhard Wolf Saal.

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